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Why every small business should be able to edit their own website.

Posted by cyberbore on 24 August, 2009

CMS made easy – what a great idea!  (This is a recent Monkey Island investment)

Most small businesses and organisations have a website. But how many of us find it easy to keep it fresh and alive with current, relevant information for our customers or clients?

We all now understand the importance of an Internet presence. We know our website has to be up-to-date, relevant and interesting. We know we should update the Testimonials, create regular Newsletters, publish new News, promote company Events, add Special Offers, update our Product or Service, and so on…

We don’t do it. Not just because its time consuming (that’s business folks) but mostly because we don’t know how to in a simple, easy way and at minimal cost. Sometimes because the original developer is charging too much, often because the original developer has disappeared (or grown up!). Maybe because the offered method is technically too challenging.

We look around for a simple and easy solution and all we find is yet more technical geeks trying to sell us yet more complex and expensive software – and then leave us to it! If you can’t be bothered with all that junk, and I can’t – then take a look at CMS made easy. All you have to do is pay a small one-off fee for set-up – in other words, they do anything technical for you – and then subscribe for access to their editor. It costs less than two drinks a month – you drink less and you keep your website up-to-date!

No HTML or CSS knowledge needed. No downloads or installs. Update your website from anywhere – changes uploaded instantly. The editor is so easy to use, very similar to using Word.

You can get a duplicate of your web page up on the screen, looking exactly like it does on the website. Except that CMS made easy have made it so that all you have to do is click on any part and you can edit it! Its truly WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get.

Just click in the words and you get a word-like editor, which understands you site style (colours, fonts, etc.) Click on a picture and you get an image manager. Change the settings for size, etc, upload and position a new picture. If the picture is embedded in text, you can even get the words to flow round it on the left, right, top, bottom, etc! Uploading files and linking them in is also easy; its just like using a PC file manager.

You can even create new pages. CMS made easy lets you clone any page, name it and edit it – no need for templates, just copy an existing page that matches how you want the new page to look.  Even better, if you edit with Firefox, you can drag and drop the text and images to anywhere on the screen.

I thoroughly recommend this service.  Find it at



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